Formula One Circuit Crew was formed in July 1998 by a group of friends who had trained together for several years.
We gained our name from the founder members all being participants in the infamous 'Jeff's Super Circuit', a one and a half hour, outdoor, all weather, all terrain circuit class. If you don't think that sounds very hard, your welcome come and try it out. In the immortal words of our first Chairman, Jeff, 'It's no good being able to run if you can't carry your shopping home'.

Having realised that so many of us liked running it was a natural progression to join a club. As a group we were unable to find a club that catered for all our individual needs, so we decided to form our own club where the emphasis would be on fun, socialising and challenging the stereotypes of traditional clubs where only 'elite' runners are catered for. If we could make one person who had never ran before, run, we had succeeded. There's no 'i' in our team. We were affiliated to both Notts AAA and Midland Counties AA later in 1998. We have since joined the Notts AAA Summer Race League and the East Midlands Cross Country League.

Where can you find us?

Usually in the pub! Formula One Circuit Crew are based at Formula One Health & Fitness Club on Victoria Street in Nottingham City centre. We are next door to a bar called 'The Priory' (formally Bar Centro) on the 1st Floor. You do not need to be a member of the gym to train with us or join us. All we ask is that you make a small donation in the charity box to cover the use of the showers and changing rooms. If you did wish to join, Jeff & Chris can offer you some very competitive deals.

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