Night Out! Newbies meet the Oldies!  30th April 2010

It’s high time we had a bit of a knees up!  We have a number of new members running, and a number of older members (I don’t mean in terms of age) who occasionally make it out of the woodwork to race, support, or just drink.

So let’s all meet up and meet each other have a night out, then we will all know who we are cheering on at races - what a good plan!  It’s also the Friday after London, and bank holiday weekend, and the day before we go camping… do we need any other excuses?
In true F1 fashion - a pub crawl. Friday 30th April - meet at 7pm in the Dragon, for a real ale pub crawl, probably followed by a curry.  See forum for more details nearer the time - friends and family more than welcome!

Belvoir Challenge and Skittles Match!

"Dimmo".....the legend continues.....

Cracking weekend at Dimmo......The legend continues.

Nuff said : )